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Jeté [ zhuh-TAY]

A Jeté is a common leap performed by dancers in many styles of dance including ballet, jazz and lyrical.  It literally means "to throw" one's leg into the air in a leap.


Classes are underway and continue through
Recital Weekend | May 20th-22nd

Open Registration for the 2015-2016 Dance Season is Closed!  Please contact us if you are interested and we will consider registrations on a case-by-case basis.

We are still accepting registrations for our Itty Bits (Age 14 - 24 months) program.  Contact us for details!

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New Families to JDC receive their First Month Free*

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or mention this offer when registering.

*Offer applies to one student per family


We understand that young children's interests vary and many families wish to try new recreational activities. 
Therefore, we require no Long-Term Financial Commitments or Contracts.
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Thank you for visiting Jeté Dance Centre located in Rogers, Minnesota. We look forward to serving your and your children’s dance interests and needs!


The mission of Jeté Dance Centre is to provide quality dance education to our students that will not only develop their technical dance capabilities, but also strengthen their personal self-confidence.  We will treat all students, regardless of age or abilities, with fairness, dignity and respect.


We believe that students choose to dance for multiple reasons, including learning: creative movement, exercise progressions and the technical art form of dance. 

Therefore, we will provide differentiated instruction and             curriculum for our students to serve the variety of reasons that our students choose to dance.

We believe that the brains of children, ages 2 –5, grow and develop very quickly.  Three year old children are at a very different stage developmentally, from a four or five year old child. 

    Therefore, we will offer classes designed specifically for the developmental stages of each age group.

We believe that ballet is the foundation from which all dance forms extend.  It provides lessons on self-discipline and proper body alignment.

    Therefore, we will encourage a love for the ballet art form by teaching correct form of the movement, providing understanding of why correct form is important, and demonstrating a passion for ballet.

We believe that dance is more fun when it is shared with friends.

    Therefore, we will create a warm, supportive and professional atmosphere, where all students and families feel like they belong.



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