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Jeté Dance Centre Competition Teams are available for dancers ages 4 and older, who wish to make a commitment to a competitive team in order to accept new challenges, try new things and more quickly progress in their skill sets.  If you or your child are interested in learning more about the audition process and the JDC competitive teams, please read the information below and contact us with any additional questions.

JDC also offers Pre-Competition Teams for dancers in Grade 1 and above.  This program provides an entry into the competitive world, without the full time or cost commitment. 

JDC strives to be open and transparent about our program, philosophies, results and costs.  This is why we share all of the information on this page publicly.  If there is anything else you wish to know, please contact us and we will be sure to answer your questions.

These details are accurate as of 8/17/2017.  Subject to change.

Informational Meeting

We have concluded our informational meetings for the year.

- If you have any questions, please contact us directly!


Auditions for the 2018-2019 Competitive Dance Season run 8/6-8/18.  Please contact us directly for Private Late Audition Requests.

Summer Classes
Summer Competition Prep Classes have concluded for Summer 2018.

2018-2019 Competition Class Schedule*

Finalized Schedules will be communicated with Audition Results

*We attempt to make this as accurate as possible.  Schedule is subject to change based upon audition results and other factors.

**Ages/Grades are approximate.  Final Grouping will be determined by audition results.

***Class time does not include additional technique classes offered during the week.  Average of 3 Hours/Week of FREE extra technique classes are offered beyond time listed below


- JDC Competition Teams attend 2- 4 regional dance competitions in the spring of each year. 
- These competitions are located in the local Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan area. 
- Teams may also attend a National Dance Competition, within driving distance, or periodically at locations across the country.
- Information will be provided prior to the start of each dance season to those groups/teams.

2019 Nationals (July): Galveson, TX & Cozumel/Progreso, MX
2020 Nationals: Wisconsin Dells


Jeté Dance Centre Competition Teams will have a costume and shoes selected specifically for each dance.  Students may practice in any pair of shoes, but will be required to wear these specific shoes only for pictures, competitions and recital.

Costume/Shoe Fees include all necessary shoes, tights, rhinestones and accessories (if applicable) for Team Dances.

Cost Summary

Jeté Dance Centre has an all-inclusive price model for it's Competition Teams.  Monthly Amounts will include tuition, competition costume/shoe fees and competition fees.  This allows families to keep a flat monthly payment throughout the dance season.  This all-inclusive fee does not cover practice shoes, dance wear and/or any other incidental costs such as makeup, wigs, props and other items that are dance-specific.  If you have any questions regarding the overall cost of the program as outlined below, please contact JDC staff. 

There is a yearly Registration Fee of $18 for the 1st Dancer in a family and $12 for the 2nd Dancer.  No Registration Fee for 3rd+ dancer(s)

Teams Class Time
Tuition Costumes Competition Music T-Shirt Total Monthly 
Age 4 - K 135 86.00 38.89 34.67 0.55 2.67  $          162.78
Grades 1 - 2 210 110.00 53.34 52.00 0.55 2.67  $          218.56
Grades 3 - 4 240 118.00 53.34 52.00 0.55 2.67  $          226.56
Grades 5 - 7 300 129.00 57.78 69.33 0.55 2.67  $          259.33
Grades 7 - 12 330 135.00 61.11 69.33 0.55 2.67  $          268.66
All Boys 150 46.00 52.22 52.00 0.55 2.67  $          153.44
Adults 90 65.00 23.11 0.55 2.67  $            91.33

*Age 4-K will learn and perform a ballet dance, but will not enter those dances into competitions.
**Costume/Shoes Fees include tights, rhinestones and shoes.  JDC budgets appropriately for product needs.  We do not pass along any additional costs, based upon shoe selection, to you.
***Hours do not include additional technique classes, many of which are offered for FREE!
****All dancers will have the option to vote on attending an additional national competition.  ($7.78/month/dance)
^Competition Boys are 50% off of the regular tuition price.  Discounted Price is reflected.  Competition Boys are not eligible for free tuition with a paying family member.


Extra Dance Opportunities

Interest in additional class opportunities [Groups, Trios, Duets & Solos] will be evaluated during the same audition process.  Invitations will be made based upon schedule availability (both studio and dancer), audition results and opportunity fit. 

These classes will have separate monthly tuition charges and Costume and Competition Fee Charges.  Costume and Competition Fees for these opportunities will be broken down into 9 Monthly payments, running September through May. 

Extra Classes will begin on September 13th and will attend 4 Competitions.  Group and Solo/Duet/Trio dances will also have the option to vote on attending an additional national competition.  (Groups: $7.78; Solos: $16.67; Duets $9.44; Trios: $8.33; Monthly).  Further opportunities will be extended to Solos/Duets/Trios

There are no additional choreography fees.

Extra Dances Weekly
Class Time
Tuition Costumes Competition Total Monthly
Production 60 - 2x/Month 20.00 12.22 28.89  $            61.11
Large Group/Line 60 45.00 12.22 28.89  $            86.11
45 35.00 12.22 28.89  $            76.11
Small Group 60 50.00 12.22 28.89  $            91.11
45 40.00 12.22 28.89  $            81.11
Trio 30 55.00 12.22 31.11  $            98.33
Duet 30 65.00 12.22 37.78  $          115.00
Solo 30 80.00 12.22 58.89  $          151.11

*Costume Fees include costume and accessories (if applicable).  Additional Shoe and Tights charges may apply.

JDC Competition Team members will have the option to attend In-Studio and Regional Dance Conventions during the 2018-2019 dance season.  Payments Plans are available. 
Please contact the studio for additional details



*Disclaimer: This page is meant to be informational and is accurate under best efforts.  Any errors, omissions or changes to this page are superceded by future communications through e-mail, billing statements or other methods.


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