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- Tuition Rates –
updated 3/17/2019

Monthly Tuition Rates are based on the amount of time of instruction per week. 

Regardless of the actual number of class sessions in a month, tuition rates remain the same.  This is tuition for the entire dance season, broken down into 9 equal, monthly payments.

Class Type

Instruction time per week

Monthly Tuition Rate (9 months)


30 Minutes



40 Minutes



1 Hour



  1.25 Hours



1.5 Hours



2 Hours



2.5 Hours


Registration Fee      
 A non-refundable $20 registration is due at the time of student registration.

The second registered student within the same family will have a registration fee of $10, and all additional students within the same family will have their registration fee waived.

Dance Shoes
Students may wear any color/style of tap/ballet/jazz shoe, as needed, for their appropriate class time.  Dancers, however, must have the standard color/style of shoe from JDC prior to pictures and recital in the Spring.  This ensures that all dancers match, as it is a component to the overall costume.
Prices for Rec. Shoes: Ballet - $21, Tap - $29, Jazz - $43

Costume Fees

Students perform in recitals and/or competitions in costumes tailored to their dance and music.  Those students who will be performing multiple dances will most likely have multiple costumes.
Costume Fees will be communicated as early as possible and we will offer flexible payment plans. 
Students must have all costume fees paid in full before they will receive their costumes.

Recital Tickets
All attendees to the Spring Recitals are required to purchase a seat for the performance.  Tickets for the most recent Spring Recital were priced at $14.00.  Online Convenience Fees may apply. 
Volunteers and Dancers do not need tickets.

Recital Package
All participants in the Spring Recitals will receive 1) a digital copy of their music for practice and/or 2) a digital copy of a practice video of each dance and 3) Recital T-Shirt.  This $30 charge will be due in the Spring 


Multi-Student Discount

Families with multiple students registered for classes at Jeté Dance Centre will receive 10% off each student’s monthly tuition for each additional student at JDC.

 (example, 2 students = 10% off, 3 students = 20% off, etc. 
Maimum of 50% off for one family)


Families with immediate family members (Spouse/Guardian) who are Active Duty or Retired Military Service Members
will receive 20% Off of their monthly Dance Tuition.

Military ID must be presented to receive discount.

This discount does not apply to extra competition dances, summer classes, workshops and/or special events.



Boys-Only Program Discounts

All boys enrolled in JDC's Boys-Only program, are given a discount of 50% off the standard tuition rates.  Boys enrolled in Boys-Only recreational classes, who have a full tuition paying family member enrolled at JDC (Sibling or Parent) have their entire tuition amount waived. 

These discounts do not apply to co-ed classes, extra competition classes, summer classes, workshops and/or special events.




- Policies -

Refunds are not available for missed classes once the student has been registered.

Tuition payments are due by the first of the month for that month’s tuition. 
Those paying by recurring credit card will be charged between the 1st and 5th of the month. 

Tuition will be prorated for mid-month registration and withdrawals.  Prorated amount will be
based on number of class sessions missed/remaining and the number of class sessions in the month.


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